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We help our clients manage and grow powerful email programs that achieve their business objectives. Our services and technology enable high performance results for retention, acquisition, branding and relationship strategies. You define the objective or program requirement and CSS will strategize and customize an email program for your business.

Email Marketing is one of the fastest and most cost-effective forms of marketing and communication between companies and their clients/potential customers. It is fast because email blasts can be sent to thousands of prospects/customers within hours. It is cost-effective because the cost of acquiring and broadcasting to email ids is negligible when compared to long distance calls or a snail mail program. Furthermore, the response rate can be measured through the generation of various reports.

Key Features of our E-mail Marketing source:
Design creative mailers
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Schedule email campaigns for future delivery
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Automated subscription and un-subscription
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Import bulk list of names and emails
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Mass-email in both HTML and TEXT formats
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Personalize marketing campaigns for each member
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Referral Marketing built-in
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Bounce-back processing
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Auto-mailing for reminders, birthday, anniversaries
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Provide compatibility with all email reader software
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Online Reports to analyze success of campaigns

Reports can be generated for your campaign as follows
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Readership rate – how many actually viewed
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Click - through rate – how many actually responded
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Content analysis – which content gathered most attention
    http://www.mla-india.com/images/icon/bullet1.gif  Bounce – back, opts – outs, referrals

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